Craig Atkinson


Architect, team lead, full-stack developer with a passion for delivering companies' critical software:
  • Lead software teams delivering high-quality, business-critical software
  • Designed and built full-stack, customer-facing web application features
  • Improved performance and scalability 16x of high-load application



Java, Groovy, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Ratpack, Grails, Gradle


React.js, Vue.js, Angular, jQuery, Javascript, CSS, LESS, SASS, Webpack, NPM


Spock, JUnit, k6, Geb, Selenium, Spek, Jest, Jasmine


  • Accelerating Developer Productivity with Gradle (Gr8Conf US 2017 - slides)
  • Intro to Spock and Geb (Gr8Conf US 2016 - slides)
  • Geb Tips and Tricks (Gr8Conf US 2016 - slides)
  • Geb Functional Testing Unleashed (Gr8Conf US 2015 - slides | video)
  • Intro to Grails and Groovy/Grails training (Gr8Conf US 2014 - slides)
  • Test-Driven Development with Spock (Gr8Workshops - slides)
  • Groovier Functional Testing with Geb (Gr8Conf US 2013 - slides | video)
  • Javascript MVC Apps with Grails (Gr8Conf US 2012)

"Craig's skills are top notch, and his positive attitude coupled with his solid development philosophy would make him a great asset to any team."

"We paid a premium for Craig over the years as a consultant and he is worth every penny. He not only has great technical skills and an excellent work ethic but also a great personality and attitude even when deadlines are tight and the work is tough. Hire him and you will not be disappointed."

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